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TFN 6002F wire feeder

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TFN 6002F is a single motor four wheels driving wire feeder with a DC motor as driving unit. A 5"LCD screen is built in the wire feeder as operation panel. It is connected with the welding power source with multi-cores control cables and welding cable. On the wire feeder all the welding parameters can be set. The wire feeder is light, stable and reliable.
The wire feeder adopts plastic injection molding part and sheet metal structure which features high strength, small size, simple structure and easy to move.


  • Suitable for torch (MIG / FCAW) with Euro connector
  • It is designed with a digital control panel with a 5”LCD screen on which all the welding parameters can be adjusted
  • The rotation shaft for supporting the welding wire reel is made of high strength plastic injection molding part. It is very sturdy and durable. A damping adjusting mechanism is provided inside the rotation shaft through which the damping of rotation for the rotation shaft can easily be made
  • A closed type welding wire reel cover is equipped to effectively protect the welding wire. It is easy to open and close. And it is easy for changing welding wire reels
  • Data exchange quickly and reliable
  • Communication with power source through CAN Bus

Wire feeding speed range


Feeding system

4 Roller drive system

Wire spool diameter


Wire spool capacity


Operating temperature

-10to 40

Case protection grade


Solid wrie (Fe / SS / Al)

Up to diameter 1.6mm

Flux core wire (FC)

Up to diameter 2.0mm

Dimension (L×W×H)