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TFN 5000C water cooler

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The cooling water tank TFN 5000C is mainly used for cooling of CO2/MIG/MAG/TIG water-cooled torch etc with rated current of 500A and below. Sufficient coolant will be delivered to the water-cooling torch via the pump. The coolant passes through the hot torch chamber and get hot quickly to carry the heat; the hot coolant returns and is cooled via the forced air-cooling radiator, returning back to the reservoir for recycling.


  • Supply steady and sufficient coolant for the water cooling torch;
  • Clear level display;
  • Give alarm as the cooling water is interrupted or insufficient, and outputting signal to arc welding power or other control system so as to automatically stop welding and protect the water-cooling torch
  • Give alarm for too high Temp

Input voltage

220V±10 50/60Hz

Rated input current

1.02 A

Power dissipation

1.0 kW

Max coolant cycle flow

8 L/min

Max pressure

0.40 MPa

Max pump head

30 m

Coolant capacity

5 L

Housing protection class


Dimensions (L×W×H)


Cooling method

Radiator forced air-cooling

Coolant cycle method

Pump forced cycle

Total weight

21 kg